Working towards Cannabis Decriminalisation and change

As attitudes towards cannabis and it’s legalisation around the world move forward the UK is still backwards in its approach. We are collaborating with The Hemp Houd, Seed Our Future and The Simpa Life to end cannabis prohibition in the UK and to give people access to this incredible plant.

Founded by Guy Coxall, Seed Our Future has rapidly established that there is no evidence to define cannabis as a schedule one drug. When asked for proof the Home Office clarified in Freedom Of Information Requests that half was destroyed and the other half sent for storage in The National Archive. If this is truly the case, questions need to be asked.

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The Simpa Life was started in the summer of 2020 as the culmination of the activism work of UK-based drug and social issues activist Simpa Carter. His wealth of knowledge covers all angles of the canna-sphere, which makes him an invaluable resource and sounding board in the fight against prohibition.

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Founded in 2021- the Hemp Hound Agency is new on the scene, but long in the tooth. The founder has been a quiet activist since the news of political conflicts of interest was announced by the press in 2018, since then he has been engaged in a battle of FOI’s with the Home Office, Cabinet Office and other various government  agencies who have a stake  in the cannabis industry.

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United We Are Stronger

And this is how everything comes together…

  • Proof: Seed Our Future. How can you be arrested for a crime that should not exist, especially when that crime is enforced on evidence that has been destroyed or archived? Proving that there’s no foundational evidence to define cannabis as a schedule one drug has been one of the keystone moments of the fight against cannabis prohibition.

  • Right to access: WTU. If there is no proof of criminality, then there shouldn’t be prohibition! There is however proof of the Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS) and science has confirmed cannabis as being the most effective way of topping the ECS up. If that is the case there are many aspects of the Human Right Act that are not being satisfied despite laws being able to be superseded by this Act. Section 2 of the HRA ’98 (Right to life) supersedes the Misuse of Drugs Act (MoDA ’71), and the government need to be scrutinised for not acknowledging this.

  • The public interest: The Hemp Hound Agency​. Cefyn has uncovered evidence that the Government are ignoring the public interest. Whether it be cannabis companies who’re publicly funded or that two VERY high profile political individuals have conflicts of interest, Cefyn has been at the forefront of chasing politicians for answers through FOI requests asking why it’s one rule for them and another for us.

Cannabis is unlawfully prohibited to you the people, it’s time we sniffed out the real reasons why…

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