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People often feel powerless. Especially when fighting the monolith that is prohibition. I often hear, “What can I possibly do? I’m just one voice!”. Whilst this is true, and both are valid points, we must not underestimate the power of a United Community. Moreover, a United CannaCommunity!

Our CannaCommunity is rich and diverse in our art, music, cuisine, fashion and traditions. We do not deserve persecution or prosecution for our chosen way of life. Our CannaCulture should be celebrated as part of the Tapestry of Britain, not criminalized and brutally oppressed.
So, our greatest power is Unity and Truth.

Join We the Undersigned. Share your truth without fear of reprisals, although they exist and may happen. Fear is their most powerful weapon.

Tell the truth about cannabis every chance you get. This is the most powerful weapon we have. The Truth about Cannabis and their lies.

Join WTU in writing letters to your local representative MPs in Parliament, the Police and your doctor. They are there to serve The People, so unless We write and inform them of our knowledge, beliefs and desires, they will never know what we want them to do.

Donate- The root of all evil is always required. Printing, events and merchandise all cost money, which is always in low supply. Many members donate to the WTU Fund to help cover the costs for printing and hosting events. All members setting up monthly donations receive a free 5 tickets on the monthly raffles held to raise funds. Once a solicitor is found, fundraising for legal fees will become paramount.

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