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“The acts of possessing, consuming, preparing or cultivating all varieties of cannabis at home for personal use causes no significant harm to individuals or others.
People who carry out such activities, causing no harm to others, in the privacy of their own homes, should not live in fear of suffering the harms of criminalisation, as a result of UK drug policy.
WTU therefore declare UK drug policy, in relation to the use, possession, cultivation, preparation and sharing of cannabis for private, adult purposes, to be incompatible with the rights to a freedom of consciousness, private life, beliefs and practices, as defined in the Human Rights Act.”

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  1. marcus beeching
    marcus beeching says:

    i am fighting for the right to grow and use the maijuana for fare to long, this has been denied us, and here we are still fighting and watching many suffering and loosing there lives when we know we have wonderful plant that will do so much to eliminate so much pain and suffering in so many ways …..just as said suffering for political gains money and all the corruption that goes with it ..i officially undersign …..

  2. Phil & Carole Johnson
    Phil & Carole Johnson says:

    Using cannabis for 20+ years with wife who has MS … still trying to get prescription but to no avail through NHS … attempted to grow a few (6) plants recently but got busted, next time will get arrested and will take it to Crown Court … not guilty !

  3. Paul Noble
    Paul Noble says:

    I feel that for the government to criminalise the use of canabis or deny the general population the ability to grow there own canabis regardless if it’s for medicinal use or recreational use when they allow companies to grow canabis in this country for export to make a chosen few multi-millionaires a blatant show of discrimination to those who can’t afford it. It seems that the government will agree that canabis is highly beneficial if you can grease their palms enough but if your Joe Average and get caught growing your own for personal use your deemed a criminal and a danger to the public. How can they say on one hand it’s acceptable to exploit someone’s need for an alternative medicine by making a small minority have total control over the market place but on the other hand anyone else is a criminal for doing exactly the same

  4. Ruth Davison
    Ruth Davison says:

    I believe as free thinking adult in the UK, it is my human right to use the naturally growing plant, cannabis to benefit my health and not for big pharmaceutical companies to restrict my ability to use it purely so they can benefit financially

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