WTU Mission Statement


“The acts of possessing, consuming, preparing or cultivating both high or low THC varieties of cannabis at home for personal use causes no significant harm to individuals or others.
People who carry out such activities, causing no harm to others, in the privacy of their own homes, should not live in fear of suffering the harms of criminalisation, as a result of UK drug policy.
WTU therefore declare UK drug policy, in relation to the use, possession, cultivation, preparation and sharing of cannabis for private, adult purposes, to be incompatible with the rights to a freedom of consciousness, private life, beliefs and practices, as defined in the Human Rights Act.”

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  1. Keith
    Keith says:

    I’m in total support for the use of cannabis medically and recreational use in the uk

  2. Richard Prosser
    Richard Prosser says:

    I am 64, widowed and extremely isolated at present. Cannabis helps me to get through each day, I consider it to be an effective anti-depressant.

    No harm is being done I am sure, so I also consider the government’s stated drug policy to be an abuse of human rights. Users should not be treated as criminals, even for dangerous, addictive drugs. Cannabis is neither of those, so the suppliers should not be prosecuted either.

  3. keith Ellis
    keith Ellis says:

    Legalise don’t criticize it.Let the people grow their own herb.The medical and cultural benefits are ,scientifically proven.

  4. Heather Wood
    Heather Wood says:

    I make edibles…they’re the only thing that help with my pain, fatigue & mood without the high…I have fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis etc…I’m not hurting anyone, least of all myself; I obtain weed’waste’ (leaves, stalks etc) from my friend who grows his own for the same purpose; CBD/THC in edibles is a natural medicine that helps me avoid filling myself with chemicals & still be a proactive member of society.

  5. Shaun O'Connor
    Shaun O'Connor says:

    I fully support the WTU mission statement on the basis that, in my view, the prohibition of cannabis use( and other mind expediting substances, collectively labelled as “drugs”) is in contravention of our human rights, is based on a racist ideology, and ignores copious peer reviewed scientific evidence that demonstrate that the”dangers” associated with these substances, collectively labelled as drugs, are, in the majority of cases overstated, such dangers as do exist arise due to 1), impurities being added as bulking agents because of the licit nature of the marketplace ,2), disproportionate action by police when dealing with users,3), lack of reliable education on their proper use.

  6. Glenn Wilkins
    Glenn Wilkins says:

    I grow various herbs and plants for personal use and consumption for medicinal purposes. I dont see why growing this should be any different.

  7. Colin craig
    Colin craig says:

    Cannabis has allowed me to live a normal & healthy life other than being wrongly criminalised, despite being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2002, ive not used pharmaceutical medication since 2005, but have been hindered in life due to the criminal record my cannabis has earned me due to the unjust laws around cannabis. Ive represented myself in court contesting charges since 2010 & have not had a guilty verdict against me & paid no fines or cout costs to defend myself since 2010. Time for positive evidence based change is long overdue & the work of wtu has my full support & gives me hope ✌️

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