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“The acts of possessing, consuming, preparing or cultivating all varieties of cannabis at home for personal use causes no significant harm to individuals or others.
People who carry out such activities, causing no harm to others, in the privacy of their own homes, should not live in fear of suffering the harms of criminalisation, as a result of UK drug policy.
WTU therefore declare UK drug policy, in relation to the use, possession, cultivation, preparation and sharing of cannabis for private, adult purposes, to be incompatible with the rights to a freedom of consciousness, private life, beliefs and practices, as defined in the Human Rights Act.”

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  1. Hayden
    Hayden says:

    I’m a big believer in legalising for both medical and recreational, being part dutch it’s something I’ve always believed in due to the waybit works in Holland, being a professional wrestler and having some serious injuries I was even told “unofficially” by one of my drs to find ways of using cannabis over the pills I’d become addicted too over the years of pill abuse (which is no longer an issue may I add)

  2. Conor Macleod
    Conor Macleod says:

    Cannabis is a gift from nature to enhance health in all its forms, physically, psychologically and spiritually. It should be treated with respect and should be removed from the stigmatised position it has been held in society for almost 100 years. WTU has embraced this perspective of cannabis as a healing plant and holds those accountable that perpetuate the false and unjustifiable rhetoric that it is a harmful plant. Well done Phil and all at WTU, keep going with your fantastic work!

  3. Michael beattie
    Michael beattie says:

    Since joining the WTU and following everything I can alongside my very chaotic life not to mention complicated and then being diagnosed with chronic pain & nerve damage & various other health problems that haven’t been treated ment I was struggling to stay clean however Canabis and WTU helped me in so many ways I can’t thank you all enough. Its given me a sense of purpose and a drive & passion I ain’t never had before in my life not for anything. Amongst all that I gained so much knowledge and truth about much much more. I just hope that one day our dream will become reality and we will finally be able to grow our own and not feel any worry or have to break laws to have a better quality of life. I try do anything and everything to spread word about true facts backed by science and real evidence. That Canabis isn’t bad nor is it dangerous and shouldn’t be ilegal anyway. If ppl can’t see tht thn maybe Thy need to also outlaw alcohol and tòbbacco then. Anyway thank you to all for just being YOU. stay lit and grow in peace to all my new and old friends. All the love in the world can’t compare to the greatfulness I have for the WTU.

  4. Mary Rubra
    Mary Rubra says:

    I believe that Cannabis should be legalised.
    The evidence is available to prove that Cannabis has many Benefits to Humans.
    The Endocannaboid system has recently been discovered and that provides further evidence that Cannabis is Beneficial and that by denying our Bodies the Nutritional components that Cannabis provides both raw and cooked is Detrimental to our long term physical and mental health.
    I personally suffer from chronic conditions that mean I am prescribed man made medications that have multiple side effects and do not actually reduce my symptoms and can cause long term damage or death.
    I would prefer to use Cannabis to reduce my symptoms because it does work Far more Effectively and Efficiently and has No side effects for Me..
    I do not want to take 8 different prescription medicines that actively Shorten my life when I can Smoke & Eat ONE natural Plant that brings me physical, mental and emotional Benefits.
    LEGALISE, Regulate and Educate.
    Allow people to grow their own to self medicate their Symptoms Safely and in the knowledge that it has been used Historically throughout history by our Ancestors.
    To deny our use of a Natural plant is Denying our Ancestry and our Bodies Endocannaboid system that Evolved to UTILISE All the Benefits of The Whole Cannabis Plant

  5. Mitch Bligh
    Mitch Bligh says:

    I agree with the above statement and undersign to it. Our rights, enshrined in in the Human Rights Act, are being denied. It’s fact that government initiated studies (since 1968) show cannabis to have an excellent safety profile and medicinally beneficial properties. All policy so far is based on political doctrine NOT fact. Change isn’t coming, it’s here. We are demanding our rights.

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