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WTU began from my spur of the moment decision to contact all UK solicitors in an attempt to secure legal representation in my fight with the British Government to be free to utilise cannabis to manage my health, well-being and happiness with natural herbal cannabis. Already a member of several cannabis campaign groups, I decided to invite other people to undersign to my letter, making it a case about everyone, not just me. Within a couple of hours, hundreds had responded saying “yes” they would “undersign” to my letter to the solicitors. WTU had a rapid growth spurt and within 7 months had grown to 3170 members, all united in one shared belief.
ALL have a human sovereign right to recognise and utilise natural herbal cannabis to manage our health, well-being and happiness free from the fear of arrest, persecution and prosecution.
The quest for legal representation continues. Many solicitors have been contacted, yet none have taken our case. So, while the search continues, WTU is trying to develop support from the public, police and politicians.
The greatest stumbling block is lack of funds.