Our Story so far

WTU began from my spur of the moment decision to contact all UK solicitors in an attempt to secure legal representation in my fight with the British Government to be free to utilise cannabis to manage my health, well-being and happiness with natural herbal cannabis. Already a member of several cannabis campaign groups, I decided to invite other people to undersign to my letter, making it a case about everyone, not just me. Within a couple of hours, hundreds had responded saying “yes” they would “undersign” to my letter to the solicitors. WTU had a rapid growth spurt and within 7 months had grown to 3170 members, all united in one shared belief.

ALL have a human sovereign right to recognise and utilise natural herbal cannabis to manage our health, well-being and happiness free from the fear of arrest, persecution and prosecution.

The quest for legal representation continues. Many solicitors have been contacted, yet none have taken our case. So, while the search continues, WTU is trying to develop support from the public, police and politicians.
The greatest stumbling block is lack of funds.

WTU 2018

WTU- Our story so Far- Update 19/4/2019

It has been an extremely arduous year getting to this point in our fight for freedom and equality for the end of the Government driven ideological war against the oppressed CannaCommunity.

In the last year since founding WTU, I have written countless letters and emails to all whom I can think of, from the WHO, UN, the Queen, Prince Harry, Chief Justice Minister, Chief Medical Officer, MPs, Police Chief Crime Commissioners and Chief Constables calling for support and reform, organised a protest, attended, hosted and spoken at several CannaCommunity awareness events, attended and spoken at conferences in Parliament and Yr Senedd, attended and spoken at meetings with Police Chief Crime Commissioners, supported WTU members writing letters and meeting with their MPs and had the privilege and honour of being invited to share my knowledge and experiences at several Cannabis Activist events, and am due to speak at some more soon in  Cardiff and Bristol.

I’m exhausted, pain wracked and bone weary, but overjoyed to finally announce the launch of the legal fund for WTU to have the merits of our case reviewed by top human rights barristers in the UK.

Once we have passed that stage, and the angle for legal challenge is identified, WTU will then pursue a full legal challenge against the government’s political policy of criminalising people who choose to manage their own health, well-being and happiness with natural herbal cannabis for whatever reason they choose.

Whether nutritional, therapeutic, relaxational, creative or spiritual purposes it should not matter, and NO ONE should ever be persecuted and prosecuted for this fundamental health choice.

Below is the link to the WTU Crowd Justice Fundraiser Platform.

Approved and ready to launch on Saturday 4/20 at 4.20pm.

And the new WTU solicitor’s birthday is on 4/20, so he may be the right man for the job!

Please get ready to donate whatever you can afford and most importantly, please share across all social media platforms and contacts.

No more war on the CannaCommunity.

No more suffering.

No more prison.

Time for peace.

Phil Monk WTU

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    Phil meeting Farhan at the Hemp and CBD expo

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