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Through our different platforms, WTU is sharing as much research as we can about the many benefits and uses of cannabis, in a bid to raise awareness of the benefits of reform and develop support from the woefully misinformed public.
Write letters/emails to police and politicians - The pen is mightier than the sword, they say. Well, as a disabled person wracked with pain, wielding a knife and fork is hard enough, so I rely on the only weapon I can raise against such mighty and corrupt powers. Words! I will have written thousands of words since starting WTU. Words to the thousands of WTU members interacting in the group pages. Words on posts shared. Words to politicians, police and press. Changing the world, one mind at a time, one word at a time. That is my philosophy with this. So, I have written to multiple politicians, press and all PCCs in the hope of sowing the seeds of ideas for change and gaining vital support.
Organise protests - WTU organised our first protest cannabis prohibition and the move of cannabis to schedule 2 on July 6th, 2018 Feet on the Street. It was a day of varying success; no arrests were made, a hundred or so WTU demonstrated peacefully whilst utilising cannabis outside of Parliament and around a dozen police officers became better informed about the truth of cannabis.
Attend conferences- I managed to attend the Cannabis is Medicine conference in Parliament in June and speak on behalf of WTU to state our case for our right to grow our cannabis for our own purposes without the interference of the MHRA or Government. Only remedies being sold as medicine require triple blind placebo studies and people providing for themselves do not require such procedures.
Host and attend community cannabis awareness events - Due to the extent of the media misinformation surrounding cannabis, I have spoken as several events sharing my knowledge and experience of cannabis. The intention of these events is to lift the blindfold and raise awareness of the truth. The truth about why cannabis was and remains prohibited. The truth about the benefits and risks of cannabis. The truth about the potential social, environmental and economic benefits of cannabis law reform. Cannabis prohibition affects everyone! Even those who don’t use cannabis themselves. Cannabis has the potential to replace fossil fuels, plastic, pharmaceuticals, timber and alcohol. These industries “lobby” government to maintain the status quo of prohibition in order to protect their profits and investments. Multiple politicians are invested in these industries and have a conflict of interest. My making cannabis reform a public issue, WTU hopes to make cannabis reforms a voting issue. When cannabis becomes a vote winner, then we will see parliament change its tune.