Who we are.

Phil Monk:- Founder, representative and treasurer.

Hi there, I’m Phil Monk, 39-year-old Shropshire lad, raised in North Wales, now living in the heart of wonderful Wiltshire. I’m also a non-practising teacher of adult literacy, numeracy, Spanish and English for Speakers of Other Languages, husband, father of 3 great kids, but now cannabis activist disabled by chronic myofascial pain from joint hypermobility syndrome, bilateral ulnar impaction syndrome and depression.

I’d used cannabis in secret, like so many others, from the age of 16. I thought I was just another “pothead”. Now, after 4 years of extensive academic reading and learning the oppressed truth about cannabis, I realise this was to manage my PTSD from childhood abuses. 19 years later in 2014, after suffering life-threatening side effects from prescribed Pharma drugs, including a brain haemorrhage, mini-stroke, and 2 cancer scares, I came smashing out of the CannaCloset on a quest for social change, first for “medical” cannabis, now for freedom and equality for all the CannaCommunity. After a spur of the moment decision in March 2018, I am now the founder of this rapidly growing CannaCommunity group, seeking to unite En Masse to raise legal challenge to the UK government for our UN-mandated fundamental human rights to freedom of consciousness, to private beliefs and practises, and to make autonomous health decisions free from the fear of discrimination, persecution and prosecution.

I became incensed with righteous fury after reading the report by Philip Robson, The Therapeutic Aspects of Cannabinoids, published in 2001, commissioned by the Department of Health 1996 and received by the government in 1998, that concluded that cannabis is remarkably therapeutic. I learned that they have known the truth for decades, yet oppressed it, then dictated a policy of criminalising peaceful people who choose cannabis to assuage their suffering and granted the required time to develop marketable and profitable cannabis-based products. This political decision has resulted in the unnecessary criminalisation, pain, suffering and death of millions of innocent people. All denied lawful access to cannabis, condemned to degrading conditions, dictated to use side effect-ridden prescribed drugs or face prison and eviction, ALL on the FALSE premise that cannabis is harmful to health.

Like the estimated 10% of Brits, I recognise and utilise the many benefits of cannabis for nutritional, therapeutic, spiritual and creative purposes and have replaced alcohol and Pharma drugs with cannabis.

Cannabis regulates homeostasis through our endocannabinoid system and is more an essential nutrient than medicine. I believe all should be free to choose natural herbal cannabis to manage their health, well-being and happiness, often instead of the side effect riddled prescribed drugs or the poisonous highly toxic recreational drug alcohol, without fear of criminalisation for this fundamental health choice.
The government should not dictate our health choices. We have A human sovereign right to make autonomous health decisions free from the brutal interference of The State.

Please join WTU if you believe the same.

Rocky Van de Benderskum:- Digital artist and veteran CannaCampaigner
I am a Cantheist. I Believe Humanity Co-Evolved with Cannabis.
I use Cannabis Recreationally as a Medicine and Sacrament.
In remission from Leukemia, I suffer from many side effects of chemotherapy including Osteopenia, COPD, Fungal Pneumonia, Hyperthyroidism and Chemo brain. I have Osteoarthritis and require Knee replacement surgery but can’t have it due to other conditions, so walking is painful, I have migraine headaches almost daily. I use Cannabis illegally for these and other painful conditions, rather than addictive opioids legally.
I am a veteran activist for Cannabis freedom. I even stood for Parliament on this issue and will fight till my last breath against this unjust oppressive Prohibition.

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