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Do you believe in the end of oppression and persecution, in freedom and equality for all the CannaCommunity in British law and society? Yes!

Then please join WTU and stand up and be counted.

If you donate to the WTU legal fund and become one of WTU, please read the below WTU Declaration of Peace and, if you agree, add your name and email into the WTU Guestbook below to register your status as one of WTU.

WTU truly are all victims in this Government driven ideological war on our preferred way of life, but together WTU can bring this unjustified State interference in our lives to an end.

No victim! No Crime! Our lives! Our choice!

Thank you for your support. One day we the CannaCommunity shall be free of persecution and prosecution.

Phil Monk WTU

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Declaration of Peace


Cessation of the Drug War


We the Undersigned
On behalf of all Cannabis Practitioners call upon
the Government of the United Kingdom
To Cease the Long Failed Drug War.

Reaffirming that our principal aim is to expedite the decriminalisation
of cannabis in all forms for every member of our extended CannaFamily
whether they utilise cannabis for;
Medicine, Nutrition, Recreation, Sacrament or Industry.
We bring to your attention fundamental worldwide changes in drug strategies
and long standing international research to support those changes.

We remain convinced that a “Cessation of the Failed Drug War” alongside a
reciprocated ‘Declaration of Peace’ would serve as the primary prerequisite
for the material well-being, physical health, development, progress of our nation 
and for the full implementation of the rights and fundamental human freedoms
proclaimed by the United Nations.

Declarration of peace

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  1. Craig Campbell
    Craig Campbell says:

    WTU are a true inspiration for the cause an non violent of groups. .seek justice for people an their rights to use Cannabis campaiging for the freedom of choice ✌

  2. Tom Turner
    Tom Turner says:

    We The Undersigned

    Bringing it to these injustices committed by the government!

  3. Al Creighton
    Al Creighton says:

    Suffering from life changing and incurable illnesses and relying on cannabis and demanding that cannabis and hemp are once again made not illegal or regulated in UK, Ireland and the rest of the World.

  4. Winston Matthews
    Winston Matthews says:

    Finally we are getting their on the Human Rights issues, and the realisation that cannabis is a remarkably safe plant, that has had it’s reputation, sullied by propaganda.
    This will be the last nail in the coffin of prohibition of a very useful herb.

  5. law was changed to accommodate thisDeborah
    law was changed to accommodate thisDeborah says:

    At the moment I’m injecting poison to “help” me. Ha ! Biggest bullcrap ever! I want natural , organic herb. Something I could grow , to really ” help” me. And I would like to be able to do this without feeling like a criminal. The law was changed to accommodate this. Empty promise’s. To date no medical professional has prescribed this. I hope I’m still alive when this law becomes reality.

  6. Mark
    Mark says:

    What’s not to get behind! From my personal prospective cannabis is giving me the pain relief and psychological balance no prescribed or over the counter pharma poison can provide.
    #wtu is the family and community a hobbling introvert like myself can get any and all support and advice one can need, all striving for the same cause, our human rights to be respected and stop the persecution for our God/ universal given right to access, consume and cultivate a nutritional herb!

  7. Lori J Register
    Lori J Register says:

    Standing behind you 100% Cannabis is a Life Saver after 30 years of Opioids and dangerous drugs.

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