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Do you believe in the end of oppression and persecution, in freedom and equality for all the CannaCommunity in British law and society? Yes!

Then please join WTU and stand up and be counted.

If you donate to the WTU legal fund and become one of WTU, please read the below WTU Declaration of Peace and, if you agree, add your name and email into the WTU Guestbook below to register your status as one of WTU.

WTU truly are all victims in this Government driven ideological war on our preferred way of life, but together WTU can bring this unjustified State interference in our lives to an end.

No victim! No Crime! Our lives! Our choice!

Thank you for your support. One day we the CannaCommunity shall be free of persecution and prosecution.

Phil Monk WTU

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Declaration of Peace


Cessation of the Drug War


We the Undersigned
On behalf of all Cannabis Practitioners call upon
the Government of the United Kingdom
To Cease the Long Failed Drug War.

Reaffirming that our principal aim is to expedite the decriminalisation
of cannabis in all forms for every member of our extended CannaFamily
whether they utilise cannabis for;
Medicine, Nutrition, Recreation, Sacrament or Industry.
We bring to your attention fundamental worldwide changes in drug strategies
and long standing international research to support those changes.

We remain convinced that a “Cessation of the Failed Drug War” alongside a
reciprocated ‘Declaration of Peace’ would serve as the primary prerequisite
for the material well-being, physical health, development, progress of our nation 
and for the full implementation of the rights and fundamental human freedoms
proclaimed by the United Nations.

Declarration of peace

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  1. Jason Ley
    Jason Ley says:

    Hello to all ✌️
    What a fantastic job Phil Monk and with the support of his Family has done so far #wtu ✌️
    It’s now up to all of us to make this happen, we shouldn’t be told how or what’s best for us when we have been lied to by the government for far to many years… They are there for us not the opposite way round!!!! We need to stand up for our right to do what is best for all so please help out as much as you can, it doesn’t matter how little because it all adds up to something big, as we all believe in what we are doing is that right thing.
    So donate if possible and spread the word far and wide… #wtu #GYO #nomorecannacrime
    Peace and love to all

    PAT CARTER says:

    I am signing the declaration of peace. I believe in its aims and ambitions and that Phil & Lou Monk, have done a fantastic job in gathering disparate groups together under one umbrella to fight this injustice. They have my complete support, love and confidence in the job that they are doing and that it is a priviledge to know such erudite, kind, trustworthy people.

  3. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    I believe in the many health benefits in the plant I want to grow without threat of jail I’m a long time self medicator and need a change to come and quick all power to you Phil

  4. Nigel
    Nigel says:

    WTU is inspirational to me. I have spine damage and degenerative vertebrae in my lower spine, neuropathy in my legs and around half the days in a week I cannot walk. 10 years of treatments and NHS prescriptions have done almost nothing to treat or ease my symptoms. My use of cannabis has reinvigorated my life, I use less than 7 grams a week to achieve far better results than Fentanyl ever did and without the horrific side effects or addiction. There is no cure for the damage in my spine but at least I now have relief from pain and lack of sleep, a much healthier vision of my future.

  5. Sharon fitzsimons Kennedy
    Sharon fitzsimons Kennedy says:

    To be able to grow, freedom to choose what I want.
    Ovarian cancer Survivor stage 3b Hgs
    Chemo almost killed me! And has left me disabled, I have and still do consume Cannabanoids via tinctures & flowers, for my pain and wellbeing.
    I’m a 52 year old mother of 2 and granny to 3 amazing grandchildren, I have lost family due to my consumption and that’s ok, cos I won’t ever STOP.
    Please send me the link to donate.
    One love.

  6. carol Burkert
    carol Burkert says:

    great work wtu, we all love your drive to get us our freedom. so sad that democracy is dead, the people in power , more corrupt now. sad to be English.

  7. David Barry
    David Barry says:

    I am disabled and live my life in constant pain I am prescribed a myriad of pain killers including Fentanyl Tramadol Diazepam and Gabapentin I was told about Cannabis capsules that made their way into the UK from the USA and was able to try some and the effect they had was incredible My sleep pattern which were nill was increased 4 fold and was able to get 4 hours unbroken sleep and my daily pain levels were decreased greatly Why am I legally denied this treatment but allowed 4 different opioids among other tablets

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