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Do you believe in the end of oppression and persecution, in freedom and equality for all the CannaCommunity in British law and society? Yes!

Then please join WTU and stand up and be counted.

If you donate to the WTU legal fund and become one of WTU, please read the below WTU Declaration of Peace and, if you agree, add your name and email into the WTU Guestbook below to register your status as one of WTU.

WTU truly are all victims in this Government driven ideological war on our preferred way of life, but together WTU can bring this unjustified State interference in our lives to an end.

No victim! No Crime! Our lives! Our choice!

Thank you for your support. One day we the CannaCommunity shall be free of persecution and prosecution.

Phil Monk WTU

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Declaration of Peace


Cessation of the Drug War


We the Undersigned
On behalf of all Cannabis Practitioners call upon
the Government of the United Kingdom
To Cease the Long Failed Drug War.

Reaffirming that our principal aim is to expedite the decriminalisation
of cannabis in all forms for every member of our extended CannaFamily
whether they utilise cannabis for;
Medicine, Nutrition, Recreation, Sacrament or Industry.
We bring to your attention fundamental worldwide changes in drug strategies
and long standing international research to support those changes.

We remain convinced that a “Cessation of the Failed Drug War” alongside a
reciprocated ‘Declaration of Peace’ would serve as the primary prerequisite
for the material well-being, physical health, development, progress of our nation 
and for the full implementation of the rights and fundamental human freedoms
proclaimed by the United Nations.

Declarration of peace

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  1. Sharon fitzsimons Kennedy
    Sharon fitzsimons Kennedy says:

    To be able to grow, freedom to choose what I want.
    Ovarian cancer Survivor stage 3b Hgs
    Chemo almost killed me! And has left me disabled, I have and still do consume Cannabanoids via tinctures & flowers, for my pain and wellbeing.
    I’m a 52 year old mother of 2 and granny to 3 amazing grandchildren, I have lost family due to my consumption and that’s ok, cos I won’t ever STOP.
    Please send me the link to donate.
    One love.

  2. carol Burkert
    carol Burkert says:

    great work wtu, we all love your drive to get us our freedom. so sad that democracy is dead, the people in power , more corrupt now. sad to be English.

  3. David Barry
    David Barry says:

    I am disabled and live my life in constant pain I am prescribed a myriad of pain killers including Fentanyl Tramadol Diazepam and Gabapentin I was told about Cannabis capsules that made their way into the UK from the USA and was able to try some and the effect they had was incredible My sleep pattern which were nill was increased 4 fold and was able to get 4 hours unbroken sleep and my daily pain levels were decreased greatly Why am I legally denied this treatment but allowed 4 different opioids among other tablets

  4. Lisa LeCour
    Lisa LeCour says:

    I have been in the medical profession for 40 years . It is a disgrace that cannabis and hemp are criminalised. The UK MUST DRAG ITSELF INTO THE 21 century. I have seen first hand how cannabis has helped people .

  5. Simon Dudley
    Simon Dudley says:

    I hope a crumbling spine in two places, growing and making my own medicine and helping others by making there’s when they can not keeps me focused, and motivated, it’s taking people’s right to life away by arresting us, taking away those proven cannabis medicines, and our ability to live life as we choose, without fear of being criminalised for our beliefs.

  6. Papabear
    Papabear says:

    I didnt ask to be a part of a unfair imorale greedy selfish government. As human being i deserve no i have the right to any and all forms of medication and treatment whether its a synthetic or whether its organic, and personally i know first hand how much people would benifit. I am a medical user and it keeps me strong enough to get through each day in alot of pain, it is hard to maintain the state of mind i need to fight my daily issues with pain some days i can just manage to do the bare minimum every day so that i dont need to use higly addictve opiates and other highly ADDICTIVE synthetic pain and depression etc tht comes with a long or life time of suffering. Over the years i always took the easy option and used various drugs over the years to self medicate because as the Drs didnt belive tht i was even having the pains but now that they see and acknowledge i am suffering av suffered badly for past 2yrs now but 18+yrs of pain on and off. Because of that i have had various addiction problems through i think Badly informed and blaten disreguard for life as to Drs & Pharmaceutical companys out there seem to only care about profit rather than curing. Dragging it out and causing much trauma and in some cases even death all because of profit. Legalising it would be them admitting they lied all these years about how bad it is yet the UK grows boat loads of the stuff to ship to other countries that use and made it legal for Canabis/Marijuana to be used for medical purposes. I can whole heartly say it does work in the fight against opiates aswell as other more important and life threatening illnesses and conditions, legalising it for medical reasons alone should be allowed atleast world wide and if the individual countries want it to be for recreational purposes then its there choice and as human beings we are allowed our basic human rights. I mean they would make apples ilegal because its made into cider etc or grapes because alchol kills and thy r used to make ALCOHOL. And its even confirmed its dangerous yet we are allowed to decide as long as we are of age. Yet Canabis/Marijuana hasnt been the cause of any health issues or conditions to this date yet there is alot of evidence to prove the benifits. Its imperative that we all band together users and none users even none believers should be demanding for change in all laws in relation to Canabis/Marijuana as there are far to many Stories and results confirming the truth behind the real truth about Canabis/Marijuana has been hidden and distorted by politicians and pharmaceutical companies forcing the laws on this to benefit them rather than what is really important. And unless they people have to experience bad or poor health and had no other options left but to try it and to there shock it actually worked and thy start fighting for legalisation instead of that i URGE all politicians of all age and believes please reserch gor yourselfs you get more accessible information than most if you wish, only way we can get change is for all to have one desire and its for a better healthier life for future generations haven’t us adults and older generations caused enough damage to our planet we must not do the same to our fellow man. UK LEGALISE REGULATE AND TAX IT.

  7. Ben Manning
    Ben Manning says:

    I hope there are changes ahead in the UK. I lived in California for a few years and became very used to cannabis daily to end my alcoholism and issues with stress and depression – it has changed my life for the better and has helped me in so many ways in hard times . I hope legalization comes as i think it has saved my life with regard to alcohol and to marginalize better people not hurting anyone is wrong. Fags, booze and doctors meds as well as legal highs all kill whereas weed – which works better than all of those doesnt – and it is illegal? thank god for places like amsterdam showing how weed can help society. it is totally unfair in a nation of shameful alcoholics that weed consumers are marginalized and have the illegal criminal tag. shameful and wrong.

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