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*Important Notice *

WTU are sorry to say we have had to pause merchandise requests as our merchandise coordinator has had to resign due to personal circumstances. We will resume merchandise requests as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience if you have requested items and we will send to you asap.

WTU was setup as an Unincorporated Association Community Group, set up for like minded people who share beliefs in the many benefits of cannabis, to Unite against the Government oppression of our preferred way of life.

WTU is not a business, sells no products and seeks no profit.

WTU is a CannaCommunity Campaign group that seeks to raise legal challenge to repeal cannabis prohibition laws, to raise awareness of the many benefits, uses and potential risks of cannabis and to gain public support to create the change we need.

Many WTU members wanted to donate money to create T-shirts, badges, wristbands, flyers and host events to promote our message of Decriminalise We The Undersigned.

In order to raise money to attend CannaCommunity events, WTU members who are able, donate what they can to the WTU merchandise fund. These funds then are used to produce more WTU merchandise that is given away to WTU members for no set price and who donate what they are able.

WTU also holds a monthly raffle, health permitting, in our closed Facebook group WTU

Merchandise is still available to WTU members who can’t afford to donate, as the donation is not mandatory but suggested.

WTU members created this model, so that all WTU members can access WTU merchandise, even if they have no spare money to donate.

So long as donations continue, the process can continue, as it does rely upon donations to function.

If you would like to help spread the roots of WTU and help our CannaCommunity grow by donating and receiving some of our merchandise, please donate through the PayPal button and leave a note of your address, preferred size or merchandise and the team will get them posted out as soon as possible, and subject to availability.

If you are unable to donate, then please email: merchrequests@wtuhq.org   and we will sort something out for you.


Once donation is completed, please email merchrequests@wtuhq.org to confirm your donation number, postal address and merchandise request.


100% of commission from all his book sales will be generously donated to the WTU by the veteran campaigner, author and publisher Alan Buffry. He has also compiled two books of poems and writings from WTU members and other globalactivists. (See the 1st two tiles)

Inside my hat and other heads.


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Words of Weed and Wisdoom


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Time for Cannabis


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Out of joint


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Legalise and Utilise, Commemorative Edition 2021



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The Fight For Rights and Freedom Of Choice.



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