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The WTU has sent an open letter, attached, to the Crown Prosecution Service, Court Officials, MP’s and other officials, seeking clarification to the question on when it will be considered to be in the public interest to prosecute people that do no harm by possessing or cultivating cannabis in their private homes for their own uses. Click the document below to open.

Response letter

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  1. Michael Schmid
    Michael Schmid says:

    It has really bothered me over the last few years and even more so before that, that gw pharmaceutical have been growing and profiting from the plant we all love with a passion whilst locking away and handling out criminal records to any one who dares to do a small crop for there own wellness! It is a sick system and if there’s any help needed with this cause please call on me.

  2. Jaimie Sinfield
    Jaimie Sinfield says:

    First and foremost, all Cannabis is medicinal, regardless of the Big Pharma meme, that is ‘Medical Cannabis’.. ‘Reefer Madness’ was perpetuated in the US by Harry Jacob Anslinger (May 20, 1892 – November 14, 1975) He was a United States government official who served as the first commissioner of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics during the presidencies of Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy. He was a supporter of prohibition and the criminalisation of drugs and a notorious racist who supported the victimisation of African Americans while spreading anti-drug policy campaigns. Anslinger held office an unprecedented 32 years in his role as commissioner until 1962. He then held office two years as U.S. Representative to the United Nations Narcotics Commission. The responsibilities once held by Anslinger are now largely under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy. In other words he was on Big Pharma’s pay-roll which then went to fund ‘Presidencies’.. Conflict if interest maybe?
    Talking of which, our current Queen, Elizabeth II and head of the Church of England, allowed said Church to change it’s own rules regarding profiteering from Cannabis. Former PM’s MP’s are also profiteering from the UK being the largest exporter of ‘Medical Cannabis’ (there it is) in the WORLD.. And all the time, the people they are meant to support and serve suffer and die..
    The hypocrisy is astounding at best, and murder at worst.. The ignorance and lie’s perpetuated by said people only go to prove what an unchecked country can achieve.. Luckily the WWW has made the world a lot smaller and more informed than in any other time in history.. and we’re coming for you!!!

  3. Pete
    Pete says:

    This plant is a medicine not a drug its helped my dad turn the table on his cancer which would have been unheard of had he not had this wonderful plant so why is this illegal we should all be legally able to grow our own medicine

  4. Mary Rubra
    Mary Rubra says:

    WTU, Thank goodness I found you.
    I Believe that Cannabis should be Legally available.
    I undersign to the WTU Mission.

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